The ProAm Events Foundation promotes the idea of volunteerism in all its projects, especially in the development of the Tenis10 initiative. We believe that involving young volunteers in activities related to event and sport management, gives them the possibility to enhance their communication and organizational skills. Based on our experience, we think that volunteerism has to play a more important part in Romanian sport projects. As the 2009 "Volunteering in the European Union" report describes, volunteerism in sport has continually decreased in Romania after the fall of communism, because people maintained a negative perception about non-paid work. As a consequence, according to the latest European Values Survey (2008) less than 0,1% of the Romanian population volunteers in sport. The situation is different in other European countries. As recognized by the European Commission in the White Paper on Sport, the sport sector in Europe is the largest non-governmental activity with the most volunteers involved. We hope that our Tenis10 volunteer based project will be a significant step towards changing the negative perception about volunteerism in Romania.

The ProAm Events Foundation also believes that volunteerism has to play a more important role in the development of Romanian young people. Data in the "Study on volunteering in the EU, Volunteering in sport - Romania" shows that most sport volunteers in Romania are retired. As a comparison, 15% to 34% of the sport volunteers in Western European countries are young volunteers. Moreover, many EU legislative documents, papers and initiatives clearly state the importance of volunteerism to young European citizens.

The Tenis10 initiative showed that Romanian young people can benefit from their involvement as volunteers in sport organizations. We hope that increasing the number of volunteers in the Tenis10 events all across Romania will ultimately lead to the personal growth and development of young Romanians and will lead to a society dominated by European values.